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AudioREC sound design



When facing an audio recording, the first thing is to find a place with an adequate acoustic for the repertoire to be performed. AudioREC company has a mobile equipment and can perform the recording at the place of your choice: concert hall, theater, church, studio, etc. The next step is to set up the microphones that corresponds to the instruments/voices to be involved in the recording. AudioREC disposes high quality microphones and mic preamps that can record up to 192 Khz frequencies with 24/32bits resolution.


The editing process is realized in a multi-track environment based on "Avid ProTools" or "Presonus Studio One" softwares. Connecting different takes that will be used in the final master demands an experienced musical approach and a sensitive ear. Our team is formed of professional musicians who are able to follow the music score with precision and a great care.


Mixing is the point when all the sound elements assembled have to recreate the feeling of a natural sound. A pre-mix is done at the place of the recording to check the conformity of the recorded sound to the real sound source. In orchestral/choral recording the actual work of sound balance is done by the conductor or the musical supervisor and in other ensembles by the musicians themselves. Our job consists of capturing the sources where the sound is originated, following that balance as faithfully as possible without disturbing the tone color and the dynamics of the instruments.


Mastering is the final stage before distribution. To achieve sound consistency and to make the listening of the audio as pleasant as possible we use both: hardware and software. Equalizers, multi-band and parallel compressions are only some of the named techniques and tools we use to create an attractive and faithful to the original sound source sonority. Setting order to the tracks, putting gaps, inserting ISRC codes, etc. are the actions to be followed before the final master is delivered in DDP format for direct upload or on physical CD/ DVD.