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AudioREC was created by Fernando Arias, musician and producer with extensive experience in the field of classical music. We  produce recordings for labels like NAXOS, DECCA Classics, SONY Classics, WARNER Classics, FARAO Classics or Philartis Vienna



What makes us tick

How we run things

The art of recording requires a very exhaustive study not only of the acoustic conditions of the ambience to be captured, but also requires a clear idea of the concept in relation to the sound we want to achieve. In this respect, Fernando Arias, our sound engineer, has a wide experience as a classical musician that ensures a smooth-running working atmosphere. His collaborations as a sound engineer with distinguished symphonic orchestras, choruses, ensembles, conductors, soloists and music producers, are  proof of his unique talent when transforming a live recording into a memorable sound experience.

If you are thinking of recording your own album, please contact us, and we will provide you with all the details concerning the type of recording that you are considering.


One of the most important factors is the choice of a good room depending on the type of music or the type of ensemble, orchestra, chorus, etc.  The choice of a good hall ensures a very professional sound as a starting point.

When we face a new recording our priority is to capture the most accurate sound possible of the instruments, achieving a sound quality at the height of the current music industry.

We use the best ranges of microphones Neumann, DPA and Schoeps. Preamps Millennia and RME. All this under an editing environment to choose between Avid Pro Tools or Presonus Studio One.

We can give you the final Master in physical format (CD) or DDP



recording - editing - mixing - mastering
with the best quality preamps


merging horus


Horus is one of the world’s most sonically transparent Mic Pre’s.


Horus is also one of the most phenomenal AD/DA boxes on the market.


Horus could very well be the ultimate answer to anyone wanting Analog/AES/MADI interconnectivity in the room they work in. It is a revolution in “bang for buck” technology and has become one of the defacto audio I/O devices for the media industries...


The STT-1 Origin is a collection of Millennia's essential product line combined into one box. You might call it our "greatest hits" compilation.


The STT-1 is a single channel (mono) processing chain with various

signal path topologies (vacuum tubes, discrete transistors, audio transformer, transformerless) all selectable at various functions. The STT-1 offers an entirely discrete, entirely Class-A direct signal path from input to output. The signal path can be variously selected to use vacuum tubes or transistors, transformer or non-transformer coupling. The STT-1 also offers additional monolithic utility outputs. There are (yes, we counted) at least 134 different product combinations available in the STT-1 Origin — ranging from

the most musically transparent, sonically accurate, and dynamically stable audio circuits, to sublime levels of vacuum tube and transformer 'euphony', and everything in between. The possibilities afforded the creative engineer, producer, and musician are virtually endless.



We use different types of microphones depending on the needs. We have a good range of microphones Neumann, DPA and Schopes.


We use different configurations and techniques to achieve our goal, from DECCA TREE, spacing AB, ORTF, etc...

ADAM Audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation as the pre-eminent tool for sound engineers based on our technological innovations in the field of loudspeaker technology. These advances have helped to define the immediately identifiable sonic characteristics of our loudspeakers: accurate and transparent, with high definition.

editing and mixing with

Avid pro tools or presonus studio one

we are still working on the web site


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Email: audiorec@audiorec.es



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